Woodford – Arts, Music and all Things Green

On the first day Woodford Festival I was dazed:  bands, bars, brazilian meat and bush pantomimes. It’s only on my second day  that I start to pause longer in tents and absorb what is happening.

Woodford labyrinthZenning out at the start to the Labyrinth at Woodford

The Festival is a place for all people, including myself. It’s like a adult version of Willy Womka’s Chocolate Factory – a total sensory smorgasbord. It’s  delicious, daring and fun!

Pretty much everything you would like to try in the arts is here and more.

Flowers and colour
Beautiful art pieces every where @WoodfordFF

You would need a full day just to take in the art works.  I even recognise a few pieces from the popular Swell Sculpture Festival on the Gold Coast.

Billys Bar
Ben Carroll Relics From Atlantis

The impromptu  sculptures scattered throughout were breath-taking and fun.

This face mask lit up at night and was really cool.

Give a man a mask and watch him become his true self... Oscar Wilde.

As side from the physical arts, there were performing arts.

Pop-up tents teaching people how to chant, and sing, jewelry making, how to dance, all sorts of  yoga, lantern making, workshops on making didgeridoos and more.

The full arts and craft programme is impressive and most people book one or two of their arts/craft sessions when buying their tickets.

Woodford didgeridoos
Guys making didgeridoos! so cool

From the outside it is a grown up creche but for the academics in social behaviour  it is a perfect way to foster connection, teach new skills and let people connect left and right hemispheres of their brains. I have written a separate blog on the positive hormone changes it creates on my naturopath page.

The cross breeding and propagation of free thinking is beautiful to experience.

Woodford Folk Festival deep conversations #WoodfordFF

Over the days, I am privy to hear Prof Ian Lowe on environmental issues, talk to people about coal seam gas and be inspired by one of the land’s best orators, Noel Pearson.

Awesome aboriginal dance group.
Awesome aboriginal dance group.


On New Year’s Day people make the morning pilgrimage to watch the sun rise. Thousands of bodies lie together watching the new year unfold. This photo was the second after a massive bubble had popped.

Bubble popping on New Years Day WoodfordFF

Each morning kicks off early – around 8am. On  New Year’s Day I find myself singing with The Voice sensation Darren Percival . His voice is incredible and his sessions so much fun. His presence is very angelic and worth seeing if you find him on the “menu” in 2016.

Many people go for the music and it is second to none. I felt a little like being back in New Orleans where there is music on every corner. Woodfordia is a little like that.

Music is played into the early hours of the morning. No curfews and lock out and no rowdy crowds, just folks having a fantastic time.

Tijuana Cartel

There are so many funky bands that  it’s hard to remember them all.

My favs are Tijuna Cartel (photo above), CC The Cat, Benny Walker, Andrea Kirwan, Lauren Kate, The Hot Potato Band, Briggs and more! 

Comedy shows are hysterical and leaving me howling in laughter and smiling from ear to ear. I love this place!

Interestingly my body is craving yin foods and detoxing.

Vegetarian food

It is easy here. Detoxing, nurturing your body and eating vegetarian and vegan is easy. The food stalls are awesome and most of the food is reasonable and it is certainly plentiful, even at midnight!

Juicing is easy !

This van was my favourite, and the green smoothie (made on Almond milk is the best).

Juicing at Woodford is easy #woodfordWW
Juicing at Woodford is easy

I am not surprised when I hear a few people saying this is their annual detox.

It would be a perfect way to detox and cleanse… camp and simplify life, have massages and cold showers, sleep whenever you feel the urge, see bands, do art, listen to inspiring speakers and do yoga. Juice, eat vego and cleanse your mind… voila there you have a very cheap health retreat for 5 days!

A big part of Woodfordia is respecting and protecting nature. You can buy trees to plant which is done in June each year at the Planting Festival.

After a few days at Woodfordia I am  feeling incredible love. Like many, I will be waiting eagerly for the next one in 360 days .

Sensory immersion, ecclectic diversity and beautiful people being not doing. If you are into music, arts so or simply expanding your being,  put Woodford Folk Festival on your bucket list.

Woodford tiles

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