Why Nature & Bubbles?

Nature and bubbles explains everything about my life and what I see and experience.

The closer I am to source  (nature, bushes, honesty, simplicity, greener foods), the happier I am.

The more peaceful I am, (stopping, photographing, drawing, walking, swimming, sitting, meditating) the more bubbles, rainbows and intricate patterns I see.

The more stimulated my senses (sight, colour, taste, smell, experience), the greater my connection with the world.

“Nature”  is obvious. I feel invigorated when I am in nature. Nature being the bush, mountains, valleys, forests, oceans, creeks and rivers. Anything not man-constructed seems to make me feel more at ease and present.

Even on the food side, being as natural as possible makes a lot of sense.  Eating natural means your health is better, your impact on the planet is less and you are contributing to a more sustainable future – all of which feel good.

I’m a massive foodie who advocates organic and green and will travel well out of my way to try the latest organic cafe or restaurant.

Many think the “Bubbles” relates to my appreciation of champagne and sparkling wine and whilst that is true, (very true) they are not the only bubbles I see in my life.

Bubbles are everywhere if you open your eyes.

There  are bubbles in a breaking wave on a blue day, in a raindrop on a leaf, in a droplet diving over a waterfall capturing by sun on the way down.

Bubbles everywhere
Bubbles everywhere

So “nature and bubbles”  is a combo of everything I love, see, feel, taste and experience.

It’s a bit of fun, travel, adventure, cultural enlightenment, live music, healing, health, food, resorts, philosophies and charity. And people and interviews and random bits of life that I find stimulating, interesting and quirky.

It is a combo of things I love, my life, my photography and philosophies. I hope you enjoy this insight and can draw inspiration to do any thing you want in life.

It’s like searching for the holy grail most your life only to discover you were sleeping on it the whole time.

Happiness is about simplicity, pausing and adoring.

So there are many things I love and these are but a small few…

The things I love

My children, health, my amazing friends, adventure, being in nature, bush walking, exploring off the beaten track, boats and the sea, surfing, swimming, art and art galleries, music and music festivals, animals, our incredible planet and geology, live bands, dancing and partying, discovering and learning, making money, saving money, giving to others, meeting people, traveling.

Now doubt all of these loves will shine through.

I have a fortunate life that I adore and cherish and am happy to share with you, if only to inspire you to get out and about and love life too.

three of my great loves - my babies
three of my great loves – my babies

The world to me is all about nature and bubbles.

A happy place that one can play in.

I see bubbles everywhere and I love them. They make me feel playful and smile

I hope they do the same for you too.

nature and bubbles