I travel the world, eating incredible food and seeing amazing images that I would love to share.
For years I have been an avid fan of meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and tasting new foods.

Along the way I have marveled at cultural differences and beliefs, different diets and farming principles, different architecture, approaches and spin on the same thing!

This is an eclectic mix of what I see, hear, feel, experience and love.

If you see yourself in a photo please take it as a compliment. I trust you will find the mood of what I am trying to portray in the imagery of the photo. I am happy to provide the original to you so just send me an email.

Follow my fun and adventurous travels and leave comments. I trust you will feel inspired like I do.

Hartvest Newrybar, NSW

A delightful example of wild and locally sourced Australian Fusion restaurant

Balboa Italian, Palm Beach

An awesome Italian restaurant on the southern Gold Coast Strip

Sofra, Toowoomba

“You must go to Sofra” a few people informed us. So when a luncheon spot opened up we raced in. Sofra is a Turkish restaurant in Toowoomba and as someone…

Holroyd House Toowoomba

Shelly & Jonathon are wonderful hosts at the Holroyd House. Set in the very pretty northern suburbs of Toowoomba but still walking distance to town (albeit a long walk) is…

Rudd’s Pub, Nobby QLD

When you receive an invite to have dinner at a pub in the middle of nowhere (well for city folks), you have to say yes, but later go “why?” It’s…

Toowoomba – What to do

This good old fashion Australia regional town is a large enough to get lost but small enough to walk around. Situated only 90 minutes from Brisbane it is the last…

Restaurant Review – Faro at Mona

A new addition to Mona art gallery is the contemporary Australian restaurant called Faro. Entry is via the museum but it is open out of hours and the entry is…

Covid-19 Day #58

Shit’s getting real. Once again we wake to the dawn of a magnificent day…. but brewing in the back ground is the coronavirus tentacles. Lots is happening and my mind…

Covid-19 Day #57

It’s a magic morning to wake to. The sunrise is spectacular yet there is uncertainty in the air. I look to the horizon and notice a fire. I ring the…