Wine Windows, Florence Italy

These super cute nooks or windows are cut into buildings in Florence. In the 16th century they were used for trade, and passing of goods when the plague sieged the city offering people inside the house protection.

Many were sealed over last century but a few are still used as small windows, for decoration or for serving wine.

There are 140 windows over Florence but only a few function as wine windows now days.

It is a pretty simple process. If the window is serving, there will be a dinger bell sitting in the window. Simply ding and a person will appear to take your order.

The offerings are usually Rose, Bianco (white), Rosso (red) or appertif.

They will then ding the bell again to serve your wine and you can pay then, or sometimes after upon returning the glass. You can drink the wine in the street and return the glass when you have finished.

Map to find wine windows, click here.

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