Wine Tasting at Sea

On board drinking experiences vary and being the seasoned wine  taster that I am,  it felt mandatory to try the wine tasting experience on the P & O Cruise as well as the Mix-It Cocktail Experience.

img_0153_2I take this part of my life very seriously (days at sea) and aside from writing travel blogs, dipping in and out of the spa, I will always sign up for a few drinking experiences.

The wine tasting one is fantastic.

So often in life I feel wine is drunk not enjoyed.

The wine tasting enables you to thoroughly enjoy the true experience of wine – the joie de vie, the elixir of the Gods. I love wine so slowing down to have some one walk me through each quality and aspect of the wine, the colour, the aroma, the palette and to tell me the story about the wine maker and his intent on creating the wine is like attending a liquid art gallery.

img_0001 img_0161

The ship often shares one or two high end bottles which are beautiful to enjoy. I highly rate the wine tasting, the random people you meet at your table and the funny staff.

A different liquid experience and equally as fun is the cocktail mixing hour. For a modest sum you can make 4 delicious cocktails , have some fun and consume them all!

I found it very enlightening and learned that you can infuse your own vodkas with anything from chillis, to fruit to chocolate eclairs! I also discovered that many cocktails made behind the bar include sugar syrup and explained many so called “hangovers” that hadn’t made sense in the past – now I know they were sugar crashes.

We made an expresso martini, a humming bird, a caprioska and a chocolate one….

A REAL must do if you are at sea for longer than half a day. Don’t second wonder, just do it.

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