What to do in Broome in 24 hours

Broome is a costal town in Australia that not many people visit.

It’s a total shame as there is stacks to see and do.

The flavour is very Australia, very “outback” and very different.

There are some things you do need to pay attention to and “not being informed” is a poor excuse for being bitten by a box fish jelly fish or being marrooned in the desert. This is hte outback and you do need to know a few things.

This blog isn’t about that though, it’s about WHAT you can DO if you have 24 hours in Broome.

There is a gentle waking in Broome, no traffic and no rush. They call it Broome time.

You can do a few activites in the morning, I chose to do a snubtip dolphin trip. It starts at 830 and you are back by 1230… The cruise is amazing and it is a wonderful opportunity to be out on the water, seeing Broome from a different angle. Learn about hte marine life in the area and what makes Roebuck Bay so special, including being listed as a World Heritage site and Ramsa.

After your dolphin experience stop at Wharf Restaurant for a delicious seafood lunch. We have scallops, oysters, fish and chilli mussels. Always a favorite of mine! 

With out sounding like a pub crawl you need to visit Matso’s in town for a sample of the beer sampler, the Custard Cider is also delicious. Cross over the road and have a relaxing drink at Mangroves.

If you would prefer an after noon tour as well, you can take a hover craft to visit the dinosaur foot prints on the other side of Roebuck Bay. I didn’t get to do that this trip but will be returning to do it for sure.

Late afternoon is hte time to explore the beautiful red clifts of gunthean point. Wander around at your own leisure and marvel at the incredible rock formations and water colour. You can swim int eh water at certain times of the year but do realise there are sharks, crocodiles and deadly stingers in the water.

For sunset, I recommend the camel ride along cable beach. It is a 45 minute saunter along the stunning beach and is a great way to feel part of the land.

AFter the camel ride, slide into Zanders, or the Sunset bar at Cable beach for another refreshing drink and to watch the sunset.

Dinner in these places is good if you are hungry.

once the sun goes down, I recommend going to the out door picture theatre in down town Broome. It is called the Sun Light Pictures and has nightly movies. Take a pillow and cushion and enjoy the openess of the theatre and random plane flying over board.

There are a few places to go to after this but I suspect you will be shattered.

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