Volcano Winery Rotorua

It’s a dramatically cooling off day in Rotorua and a must-do is the skyline hill. There are a swag of activities to part take in, including wine tasting.

We head out to the Skyline and purchase the gondola ride (which is actually really worth it and reminds me of Switzerland) and 3 luge passes. The costings and options are here.

The wines are NZ wines and if you are not planning on going to a specific wine region this is the next best thing.

It’s actually quite an OK deal if you are traveling with children.

So off the gondola to the top. The ride takes you over the international Mons Extreme sports track which is stunning. We spot a herd of deers happily munching on the slops and as the climb continues draw breath at the quite spectacular views.

Once at the top, the clouds open up! Like teaming rain.

We decide to take shelter in Volcanic Hills Winery.

So we figure a wine is a good pause, especially as we are about to challenge ourselves to luge.

The staff at the winery are extremely friendly and feel like old friends. Even Georgia who assures us she is an introvert.

Delightfully indulged with wines (very approachable wines I might add), chit chasing with Johnny about his life and him inquiring about our, we whittle away a lazy few hours taking in the views of Rotorua.

It’s a wonderful incidental side trip.

OH – we decide not to luge as it was really cold and raining and very nicely they staff extended our expiring on the luge so we can revisit in a few weeks and use the passes then.

Highly recommend.

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