Vivanco Musea

When my sis mentioned we were going to a wine museum I was a bit like… well how about you go to Vivanco and I will do a wine tasting.

Silly me. The museum is amazing.

The view from the museum

With four levels going underneath the ground, an insight into the large underground barrel collection and it’s own wines, the Vivanco Museum is worth it.

In fact it is a must for any wine connoisseur.

Each floor shares a different angle about wine.

One on the history (wine is 8000 years old)!

And about the local region La Rioja.

Aa floor on corks and corkscrews

A floor about pesticides and commercialising wines – all very interesting.

Upstairs is a cafe with a small menu, outside art installations and a wine tasting corner.

Wine tasting flights

The last level has some incredible art by Andy Warhol, Picasso and Sorolla.

A Warhol

I highly recommend a visit to this museum if you are in La Rioja.

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