Ubud Yoga Centre








A new yoga studio has opened in Ubud, the Ubud Yoga Centre. Fortunately for us, it is right next door to our hotel,  just on the out skirts of Ubud.

The centre is incredible with three studios all offering different classes and skill sets.

We went one crispy morning and if you know Ubud, you will know how green and lush it is but being awake before 7 isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. But committed I headed over.

Our instructor for the session, Tony, who I later nick-named ” rubber band-man” was wonderful.  It should have been an easy session but I struggled! Stretching alone was enough for me.

Grunt, stretch, breathe. I can’t remember much all except I recall thinking how weak I was and that ” I must do this more often”. HA!

After wards we had a chilled coconut and day dreamed over the beautiful valley that the centre is perched upon.

The space is uplifting , the staff friendly and the classes great. Get along!


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