3 Free things to do in Devonport Auckland

Devonport on a Sunday

1. Visit Mt Victoria 

Overlooking the charming area and suburbs of Devonport it Mt Victoria. Set up as a battalion base in the wars it now serves as one of the best, unadulterated views of Auckland.

The Signalman’s House is on the way up and truly breath taking. For it’s colonial style, it’s obvious connection to yesterday and it’s current purpose of offering writers a retreat. Being a writer I am totally in-love with the idea of a haven. A place to write whilst being frivolous and overlooking the harbour. 

You can’t drive all the way to the summit any more but you can walk, hike or stroll. Ie foot is the only way. Up the top you will be greeted by sweeping views to the east, north and west. To the south you have iconic views of Auckland although you need to veer past a few trees.

You can have a picnic on the old forts, while watching the clouds jump and jive overhead. 

Or you can share a chit chat with an old mate reminencising over times of old … waxing lyrically about childhood while your feet dangle over the edge of the old fortress. 

Exploring is lot of fun which is what makes this the perfect afternoon trip for a family or lovers or solo travellers.

2. Visit the Devonport library

Well blow me down, I have visited many libraries around the world but this library is amazing. 

Aside from being an architectural designer master piece it offers peace. 

Peace and an open air outlook over one of the most amazing bays in the world. 

It’s inspiring and has all the literature greats at your finger tips… all for free… waiting to be indulged.

I whittle away a few lustful moments reading the local rag and absorbing the view. 

Whilst not a “tourist” attraction I sincerely hope you visit this space. Especially if you have never been to a library before!

3. Walk along the foreshore

This is one of the oldest, loveliest foreshore walks in New Zealand. 

Beautiful trees, spaces, play grounds, picnic areas and Elizabeth House, make this a beautiful lazy afternoon walk. 

Grab a photo with your family – a real keep-stakes as the back ground of the azure waters of the harbour and the sky line of Auckland subside away. Truly beautiful. 

4. Lunch at the Esplanade Hotel

The Esplanade Hotel is such an iconic landmark. Built in 1857 the interior is everything you would expect from a timeless building.

We rock up on a Sunday and have the bowl of mussels done in white wine garlic and cream. Yes you guessed it! Something I will travel back for again and again and again. Especially at the end of the pier if the ferry from Auckland. It the perfect romantic escape and boys… it has a fire side! 

5.Visit an art gallery

Despite everyone assuming art is for the rich or eccentric art is an expression. There are many art galleries in davenport and all worth a Casual wander through. There are too many to name and in my personal (artist) opinion, sometimes it is better to waltz through art galleries than it is to visit one. See where your heart takes you. 

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