The Roman Forum

The grandiose centre of the Roman Empire stems from the Roman Forum.

Located in central Roma, this is a must see place when in Roma.

I didn’t have time to fully explore the space (it was closing as I arrived) but I got a fantastic insight to the sophistication of the Roman Civilisation from the hill surrounding the Forum, known as Palatine Hill.

The monuments still standing are incredible!

Built nearly 2000 years ago in Caesar’s rein the buildings give a great insight to the confidence this empire had.

Not only confidence but the pioneers of architecture.

The columns, the arches, and layout still being used by many engineers today.

I am stunned at the incredible details and stories scribed on the great arches.

On Palatine Hill is a great art gallery and many water falls and sculptures.

There is something very special here… make sure you put it on your map. Even if to have a red vino on Palatine Hill watching the sun set over Roma. You can do night tours here which I imagine would be spectacular. Check out more here. 



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