The Aston Canggu

Canggu is my preferred place to stay in Bali.

The coast is fringed by different villages and slowly, as tourism increases, Kuta has spread.  Legion, Seminyak and now Canggu. Fortunately Canggu has stamped itself as a mecca for surfers and cool folk. It’s not as upmarket as Seminyak and not family driven like Legion.

I love it.

I normally stay in the villas: The Duane and Villa Love Echo as they are great value for money, clean, have a pool and morning breakfast. But this time my beloved villas were booked out!

So I am forced to look else where… and I decide to stay at the Aston, Canggu.

The roof top pool lured me in.. and the close proximity to Old Man’s.

Its a wonderful decision.

From my room we can do a surf check on Batu Balong up to Echo Beach.

The breakfast buffet is excellent and it is very easy for me to find healthy food and non-gluten and non-dairy food options.

The rooms are good. I would request one with a view if you stay. The views are great.

The view from the top floor is even better! And be sure to wiggle your way up to the very top… a nice little sitting area where you can down a Moscow Mule or two!

I really loved staying at this hotel. It’s pricer compared to the villas (the villas are $50-60 per night and the Aston is $140-160).

I am going to find it really hard not to stay here again in the future and go back to my villas.

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