Salamanca Markets Tasmania

If you are booking a trip to Hobart, Tasmania, make sure you include a Saturday morning in Hobart and visit Salamanca Markets.

A local iconic experience shared by millions over the years and a mainstay for locals.

I remember growing up here (in Hobart), we used to frequent the markets every Saturday. It was a way of life! 

It’s where we buy our produce, catch up with friends for a coffee, or bump into other people in our community. It is exactly that – the village meet up.

Now I am older, and the boutiqueness of Tassie has been developed more, I love going.

Boutique wines, meads, ports, cheeses, fudges, truffles, dips, relishes, jams… are headline acts for the food scene.

The local farmers will offer their great, unadulterated foods, and produce and flowers.

AND the crafts are incredible.

Tasmania, is a listed world heritage site. Some of the oldest forests in the world offering some incredible walks. Which also have some of the oldest trees and delightful pines. Sasafras and Huon pines are two incredible woods that many use to make bowls, domestic items with aswell as larger scale furniture. you can see it all at the markets.

The markets are open from 7am – 2pm…every Saturday. 

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