The Quicksilver Pro on the Gold Coast

With squeals of delight I tell my friends tonight if they want to catch up this weekend (and I hope they do), I will be planted down at Snapper Rocks watching the Quicksilver Pro Surfing Competition.

Taj Burrows
Taj Burrows at the Quciky Pro 2016

In my mind, one of the best spectator, must-see-events of any sporting or outdoor event.

You literally stand in thigh deep water as the best surfers in the world surf past you (on one of the best breaks in the world). It all comes together for me as a happy blurr. I haven’t missed a year and each year I adore and respect it more than the year before.

This year it feels over in a heart beat and I am so glad that I make the decision to go down every day regardless and start work late.

Quciky pro
Matt Wilkinson at Quicksilver Pro (Heat)


Aside from the final day, the weather was perfect and the waves sublime.

Snapper Rocks
Quicksilver Pro at snapper Rocks


These are some pictures of years gone past….

Snapper Rocks
A rainbow over Snapper Rocks

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