Ponsoby, Food Central Auckland

Coming back from the airport and eager to eat we stop into the very popular and funky suburb of Auckland called Ponsoby. 

Right on the fringe of the CBD this food and inner city precinct has a great vibe. 

There are many restaurants, cafes and designer shops to explore. It is late at night and city traffic is hectic so we go straight to the Collective. Here you will find many styles and types of eateries. 

We go straight to an Argentinian Restaurant at the back called El Sizzling Chorizo. 

It’s a flame grilled BBQ – what Argentineans are famous for.

We order the mix grilled and it is amazing. Three styles of meat, lamb, pork, beef all BBQ to perfection. It is served with a fresh yummy side salad and a delicious Malbec red.

I highly recommend this one. 

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