Poke Poke Mermaid Beach

At long last an Aussie match for the Poke Poke bar in Canggu. It’s called Okey Dokey time for Poke. 

Opened us recently by the owners of the funky Mexican eatery, Bonita Bonita, is Mermaid Beach’s very own Poke Poke cafe.

The poke poke concept is one adopted from Hawaii. Big bowls, typically a shelled coconut, is filled with fresh salad delights with add-ons. Such as sushimi tuna, salmon, chicken, endamame, sea weed, nuts, seeds, condiments of all sorts.

It’s one of those places though where you find a favourite style and stick with it for life.

I found my fav poke on the first visit. It is called Tuna Me On.  Sashimi grade tuna w soy & sesame, avocado, crispy shallots, pickled cabbage, edamame, onion & wasabi mayo on brown rice.

The variety of food is good. They even offer curries, vegetarian dishes and sides.

The side of endamame and pee dip with wonton crackers, was humongous and scrummy.

They are licensed as well, so a cheeky cocktail with lunch is very doable! My fav type of eatery…

Go to the beach down the road, have a swim or surf, slide back for a healthy feed and feel pumped and healthy.

I will go going  A LOT more!

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