The Planting Festival – a time to nurture nature

What a wanderlust weekend playing with my children and hanging out in Woodfordia, planting trees!

A fun WET weekend (apparently the first wet Planting in 18 years)!?

We pitched our tents in the rain on Friday night and head into the festival to try to make the most of the night.

The kids are immediately on the Woodforidan page… you mean “we all get to live happily ever after?”

I am writing two more blogs on the Planting Festival – one on the man behind the festival Bill Hauritz and the other blog about the festival through my children’s eyes.

The newly planted trees around the butterfly wetlands
Truck Woodford
Emily the truck at the Planting. What a truck







The Planting Festival
magic fairies every where at Woodfordia
Darren Percival
Mr Percival AKA Darren Percival








The Planting
A typical Woodfordian patroness.
The planting
The Planting 2016








One of my favourite moments was walking back from planting some sapplings with my son and meeting a new friend, Mel.

Two hours earlier we found ourselves standing around literally in the pouring rain listening to Noni, Peter, Tim and Helen explain plants in the wetlands, the importance of butterflies and the dilemmas of modern day weeds.

Fascinating as it was,  I must confess I only caught about 30% of the wonderful knowledge being shared as my imagination was already chasing rabbits in the fields and being distracted with wander…

And I noticed my son wasn’t far behind me day dreaming.

We buddied up with random strangers but after working together planting trees they felt like old mates.

This is a short clip that summarises a beautiful, lusciously wet and green weekend.





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