One Night in Bangkok

On the way to Nepal I have a stop over in Bangkok.

I have been traveling here since 1994 and over that time Thailand and Thais have morphed remarkably. Fortunately they have still kept their beautiful soft demeanors.

Getting around in a Rickshaw in Bangkok

I have always loved Thais. Gentle, soft and smiling. Still in this crazy demanding world Thais will greet you with a smile, give a soft chuckle when stuck in traffic and always, always say thank-you when you leave. So beautiful.

I seem to be coming here every two years. The last in 2014.

Last night I was here for less than 12 hours in the city and this is my snap shot of a funky, fun but progressive city.

Thai herbs
Traditional Thai herbs: lemongrass, chili, corriander, mit, garlic.

The hotels are insanely grand – staying at the Shangra-La on the river I am blown away about the attention to details, the wonderful choice on offer and the over supply of staff (but it keeps so many employed to makes sense).

A cocktail in the lobby bar (for the record in Asia cocktails are often cheaper than wine) and I have two of my favs: Long Island Iced Tea and a Caprioska. Health drinks of course!

On to a ferry to Asiatique. A tourist precinct with a few bars, many “up market” markets and some activities for kids/grown up kids like the moonwalker, the ferris wheel and go cart cars.

Into a Tuk Tuk which are like a limosine compared to a tuk tuks of yesterday past Pat Pong Road. While I am tempted to head into a club and boogey the night away bed is calling me LOUD!

Sleep is magic and in the morning there is time for a short meditation pool side as the day breaks through the night sky.

Today off to Kathmandu. The new track playing in my head is Bob Segers Kathmandu. Cheesy yes! Hard to believe? YES! By Bangkok until next visit, Sawatdee kha.

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