Soup at My Friend’s Place

I am battling a cold and feeling worse than death warmed up on this Saturday morning.

It is a winters day, my chest is sore, and I am after a good old fashion serve of Melbourne’s best. My friend suggests a place not far from her place called “Friends of Mine” . Which I think at first, she literally means – it’s her friends place.

Turns out it is a very popular corner eats place.

I order soup of the day which is perfect for my aching body. It is  a potato soup – something I wouldn’t normally eat – but is therapeutic in it’s warmth alone.

What bedazzles me about Melbourne is that it really is an all weather city.  It is a cold brisk winter’s day with the sun peaking through the frosty leaves. I find a spot in the sun which is remarkably warm, but even if I wasn’t there was the option of a courtesy blanket.

I top it off with a peppermint tea and wander up into Richmond past all the ritzy car yards.  Get to My Friends Place if you are in town after a sleep in coffee or soup!

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