Musee de l’ oceanigraphy and Palace Monaco

There are a few touristy things to do in Monaco.

Many of them a “must when in Monaco”.

I highly recommend the On and Off Bus with the audio and a trip to the palace and Musee de l’ oceanigraphy.

The bus gives you a good lay out of the land, and takes you to key points.

The audio (in many different languages explains the history of the Monagese, the Monach, the grand prix and takes you to heaps of fun venues.

I have been to Monte Carlo a few times but this is the first time to the Musee l’ Oceanigraphy. You know thinking I had seen all the aquariums in the world!

This was amazing.

Patting sharks

Patting sharks.

Incredible coral reef fish.

A turtle called Rani.

The jelly fish display is wonderful.

You can visit the Musee and Palace by foot by simply walking up the hill, or stopping off on the on and off bus.

I love the walk up to the palace, it weaves along the dramatic coast line and brings you closer to the wonderful area that it really is.

Today I am keen to do one thing – give Prince Albert one of my paintings, but visiting the musee and palace become a wonderful distraction and experience.

The Palace (home of the Grimaldis) is a world famous landmark. For over 500 years the family have lived in the castle which is also a palace. You can take a tour through the palace and see where Louis the King lived and how they experienced life. I was quite overwhelmed with the grandeuse of the palace, the gifts other countries had given to the family over the years and the fact it is still functional today.

Still used for entertaining and formal ocassions you walk along the marble tiles where many world dignaturies have walked, brushing along the curtains as they do. It brings home to me that we are all one species, one people.

I am informed to contact the soldiers, to pass my modest gift to Prince Albert. They take me to his body guards who sign me in and then graciously take me gift. The assure me that Princes Charlene and Prince Albert will receive my paintings and note.  A note that read simply as a piece of gratitude. Monaco is one of the safest places in the world, with CCTV on every corner, the whole town is under surveillance. As a women, I appreciate the safety it offers.

After visiting the palace I wander to the Oceanicgeographic not really expecting much to be honest. I few weeks ago I had been to Seaworld on the Gold Coast, which is somewhere I have been going to for years with the kids. Seaworld has a wonderful aquarium and interactive pools with animals that I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be impressed. Well, I didn’t have any expectations.  I was blown away!

Turn out the musee is very interactive – you can pat sharks, get close to large tanks and the jelly fish display is surreal.

I discovered many fish I had never seen before, was excited by the jelly fish display and got to talk with Rani the turtle (yes I talk with turtles)!.

It is a wonderful aquarium and museum and I think any visit to Monaco, especially if you have 2 days should include a visit.

And to my painting for Prince Albert – I am waiting an email from him, saying he has received it. I would dearly love to draw the royal family, or draw one of their favorite scenes and have it hung in Monte Carlo. Or maybe i will be their naturopath if not artist.

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