The Cote D’azure Eating Frenzie & Monaco Glamour

Eating along the Cote D’Azure is as much about the views, the air and the magnificent charm and its one of those places where I pretend I am some one famous. Why Not?

monacoI am fortunate to have been to Monaco a few times and it is everything people rave about and more.

It’s grandeur, friendliness and sheer beauty is spectacular. I am a huge fan and adore going there!

My average day in Monaco is relaxed at the start and glitzy at the end.

Helicopter ride into Monaco
Helicopter ride into Monaco- the only way to travel from Nice to Monaco

Slow waking ups… a swim in the cote D’azure (Larvotto Beach)… a late breakfast and coffee then home to change. I seem find myself eating at La Rose des Vents sur la plage du Larvotto (beach) regularly.

Usually I don’t make too much of an effort back home but in Monaco I rise to the occasion. I really frock up and really enjoy it.

Nice clothes, make up, taking time to groom – it’s actually quite fun. (And essential in Monaco).

Lunches are always fun and there are many fantastic places to indulge. French food, Italian nibbles, all with a Monagese influence. Seriously I don’t think I have had one bad meal in Monaco- it’s always good!

monaco drawing 2
Painting over looking Bay de Monaco

Monaco is a independent principality and it’s history has always fascinated me.

Stories about Grace Kelly and princes and casinos and glamour have held my fairy-tale intrigue for years and I love the fact that now I am a “grown-up” I can go and play out my own little fantasies. Even if they are to simply dine along the Cote D’Azure pretending to be royalty or someone special!

Classic red car outside the casino
Classic red car outside the casino
heli pad on your boat?!
heli pad on your boat?!
Monaco Wolf
My fav








For two years I have been in Monaco for the boat show painting. It is the best eye opener in the world, full of insightful interesting people… and big toys!

These are some of my drawings that I have done while being there.

painting in larvotto
Water colour Larvotto
Monaco Boat Show


Viva Monaco! Until we meet again











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