Maman Burleigh Heads

Maman has just opened in Burleigh Heads and sometimes Saturdays and trips to the hardware shop end up as random days discovering new restaurants.

This is one of those Saturdays and this is our Maman discovery.

After an organic shop at the Burleigh Markets we are in search of flowers and find ourselves wandering along the streets of Burleigh Heads. It’s a hot day that rapid morphs to a winters day due to a sudden cold front and storm hitting Burleigh.

It’s lunch time and I spot (almost) a hole in the wall.

Entrance to Maman is via Justin Lane.

It’s exciting as it is new, bright and decked out in a Greek theme.

Being in Greece last year I totally resonate with the decor, the all white outfits the staff are wearing and the contrasting blues set against white.

It feel fresh, modern and exciting.

I wish I could say the food was as great at the atmosphere but unfortunately it is lacking.

My partner and I both foodies, restaurant owners and nutritionists would be giving this an overall rating of 3/5.

The ambience and space would be 4.3/5, but the food really lets it down. Maybe it will catch up as flavours are really nailed and food improves.

You can book on their site here.

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