Laguardia the medieval town in La Rioja

High on a hill and easy to find is the foot traffic only medieval town of Laguardia.

With a centuries old history there is much to see and experience.

I would recommend the bodega and wine tour with cueva DorreTxe. A small family run bodega (winery) in the middle of town.

From the outside…

It costs 5-10 euros per person and includes wine tasting.

It is a short punchy life changing experience.

You walk down a few stories under ground seeing the still in use wine making tools. A bramble bunch that serves as a filter for the fruit from the wine.

The stair well underneath to the cellars

Underneath the cave opens up. Apparently during the Teslars rule there were many wars. These spand from 10th century for 4 centuries.

During this time the women and children were often hiding in the caves. Men would bring food, hunted animals and fruit. At one point all the 325 caves were connected as one tunnel. They were sectioned off in the 18th century and now many of the families have their own cave.

This one is used for wine and entertaining.

The wine is boutique, small in production. One Tinto and one blanco.

They also make the local liquor from blueberries. Perfect as a post meal digestiv.

You can book here or turn up and try your luck.

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