Jericho Fume Blanc

This wine is interesting! Jericho Fume Blanc is a fun experiment for people to try. 

We sourced ours from Emmanuel’s Wine Shop in Kingscliffe.

This family owned winery have taken the Sauvignon Blanc grape into a French oak barrel and left it for a few months to infuse with the  flavours and essence of the Adelaide Hills.

I found the initial nose quite confronting and not that pleasant at all. Maybe a little like cat’s urine.

It is sweet tasting.

The floral aromas swing around on your tongue and coat the tip of your tongue with an interesting experience. I found the wine grew on me with further consumption but what wine doesn’t.

Overall, after sharing a bottle with my partner, we are giving this a 3.2/5. Vivino (click the link below) rate it as 3.9/5. 

If you like trying different wines give it a go but maybe hold back on the case until you decide definitively whether you like it or not. 

You can orders your below. Click on the shop now.

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