Flying a helicopter into Monte Carlo – the best!

Definitely one of those moments in my life when I thought ” I have made it!”  is when I caught a helicopter into Monaco.


This is the company I flew with Heli Air Monaco.

Funny, as with most things in life, experiencing these things are only ever a belief away.

So I have (for most of my life) asked the questions like “why not?”


Helicopter Monaco
Catching a helicopter to Monaco is the only way

Why not fly a helicopter into Monte Carlo? It is quick (only seven minutes), it is the same as a taxi (approx 130 pounds) and is way sexier.

I loved it.

From arriving in Nice (customs are really friendly in Nice which is a pleasant change) it is about thirty minutes until your door step in Monte Carlo.

Disembark, easy luggage collect, and taken to the helicopter. On you jump, and disembark in Monte Carlo.

Monaco is surreal.

Boasting some of the world’s most expensive and glamourous coast line it is nothing short of stunning and breathe taking.

I always pretend to be Grace Kelly’s when I arrive in Monaco. It’s like a European Hollywood but with style (sorry down town LA).

The province of Monaco wrapped by France on one side and Italy on the other. Stretching deep into the sky is a monolith known as The Rock of Monaco. It is spectacular and I am sure many lose themselves in the imagination, just like me when they visit there.

Monaco monolith
The beautiful face of The Rock of Monaco

I imagine that anything and everything is possible.

I am sure I change the way I walk, the way I talk and the poise I bring to the day. I really step it up and love the slinky walks and smiles. I pretend to be a local  Monegasque and I love it. I feel I am.

There is a lot to do in Monaco and some world known events such as The Monaco Grand Prix (in May every year) and the Monaco Boat Show (something I love attending).

Boats and helicopters Monaco
Helicopters on boats in Ports De Monaco

Outside of those events there are a wonderful range of concerts, football matches, operas and the like. In fact Monaco is a very social country that comes to life at night.



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