Headquarters Viaduct Wharf

Newly opened Headquarters Viaduct is a fantastic restaurant in downtown Auckland.

Situated a little around for the main restaurant scene on the wharf, in a stand alone building you can grab a table for a drink or feed sitting over the wharf.

On this particularly day I find myself sitting out the front on funky decor, listening to great tunes on the big TV screen.

The philosophies of Headquarters are wonderful.

Know the producers, ensure organic and sustainable growing methods and serve from cull to plate in less than 48 hours if possible.

The other philosophy I adore is the natural wood cooking. No gas, no electricity, all wood fires including the rotisary.

I have the Bluefin tuna ceviche, prepared in ruby red tigers milk, chamomile flowers, a seasonal green salad (which is simple but amazing) and Chargrilled Octopus.

The wine list didn’t impress me too much but there was a wide selection – I just didn’t chose well on this occasion. I would highly recommend this restaurant and look forward to going back another day.

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