The Gold Coast is bursting with things to do

 ” The Gold Coast is bursting with things to do…”  I read on my GC website. Unfortunately I didn’t find the “things to do” and bursting with boredom I have resolved not to go “into Surfers” again for as long as I can.

Yes Surfers Paradise is a mecca for surfers but sometimes I think that is all.

Today I have my children and we are eager to find things to do.

Sand Sculpture at Surfers Sand safari 2016
Sand Sculpture at Surfers Sand safari 2016

I thought/hoped/wished that there was something to do in the heart of the city, Surfer Paradise, but there was not. Despite there being a sand sculpture festival being on and a bigger than life, Green Octapus art sculpture coming out of a building. Which ended up being the highlight.

Octopus Gold Coast 2016
Octopus Gold Coast 2016

Aside from these mild distractions there was nothing.

After Kathmandu last week, I was really keen to find something similar…. live entertainment , music, art, tactile things for the kids, anything but the streets were far from bustling in the streets and exceptionally low in energy,

It costs an arm and leg to park in town, even the G train is expensive ($9.60 one way for myself and two kids) and nothing much to do.  There is nothing but expensive food chains offering the same rubbish food as food courts and shopping centres. I would recommend to save your money and head to Coolangatta, Byron or Brisbane on a rainy day!


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