Germany in the Gold Coast Hinterland

Some people find it strange that nestled in the Hinterlands behind the sub-tropical town of the Gold Coast is a little bit of Europe.

Bavarian style, come Swiss influence, the popular tourist town of Mt Tamborine offers a lot for the whole family.

Last Saturday we set off with the kids to have a family outing. A bit of outdoor emersion first along the Tamborine Skywalk, and then the glow worm caves. Unfortunately the sky walk had suffered damage in the storms and was shut half way but still spectacular looking down into the rainforest basin. The worm caves were also closed due to the storms.

Over the last 10 years, wineries have sprouted up – some with their own range on the mountain, many bringing the wines in from their farms in the granite belt region a few hours away (Stanthorpe) and some distilling fortified wines.

We pop into Mount Tambourine Winery for some yummy tastings and capping off (and departing) with a yummy chocolate port. The kids got their own way in the end and were lucky enough to sample the delicious but very sweet fudges at Granny Macs.  With over 80 fudge varieties and 40 on display you can sample away until you find your poison.


For lunch we pull into the Bavarian Grill House on the Main Western Road. It is also opposite the best lookout on the mountain. The views sweep over the valley below all the way to the Cougal Mountain ranges, O’Reileys and Beaudesert.

While the meals at the Bavarian Grill Haus were generous, they must have been laced in MSG because we sunk into a coma a few hours later. (I call this the gluten coma – which occurs with too much MSG as well).

The service was average and the cellar door was closed so we couldn’t try any wines which is part reason why we headed to Tamborine in the first place.

The kids had a ball, we had a feast and overall not a bad day out but I wouldn’t rave about it, nor recommend the Grill Haus.

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