Five things to do in Zurich

Zurich is one of the great cities of the world, boasting a modest population of 400,000 which swells each working day to 1.3million.

I have travelled here a few times and find it very clean, surprisingly old and the people very friendly. It is a very business savvy city with many of the world’s largest companies based there.

Switzerland has been a constant in many scenarios acting neutral with many debates and wars, and having a strong diplomatic system based on cantons and local law.

A walk around town is a must to fully appreciate the jevity of this modern city.

Buried into the side of Lake Zurich, the town central (centrum) is easy to walk around. The main train station (Zurich HB) is a good starting point and follow your way through the streets to the Kuntzhaus or find your way to the lake and walk from there.

There are a few landmarks:

Grand church

This simple designed but very Swiss church is beautiful. As with all churches around the world visitors are welcome to come and sit, admire the glass windows or to take pray. You are not allowed to take photos inside or use mobiles.


This is one of the most expensive streets in the world. Fashion shops, curios and others sprinkle along the pleasant walk. In fact Zurich has many of the world’s “most expensive streets” to shop along.

The Old Town

You can wander around the old town at your leisure and many buildings are marked with their year of establishment. Many in the 1500s. They are incredibly well preserved as Switzerland was spared most of WW2’s bombings.

Cafe Presse Club

Is a unassuming cafe in the old part of Zurich but a favorite place for celeberaties.

Thermalbad Spa

If you wish to treat yourself, and I highly recommend everyone does nourish, not punish, then head to this day spa. Built in an old brewery the spa has a special charm. There are 2 floors and two tiers of pricing. You can access both with the big ticket which is approximately 60 Swiss Francs.

On the 2nd floor are big tubs, hot spas, Roman baths, hot tiles and a steam room all for your body to unwind and relax. On the forth floor and into to open air is the roof top spa. IT bubbles away and as the alpine cool air hits your face, your body stays warmed and relaxed. Your ticket is valid for 3 hours and is a wonderful way to relax, especially if you have done some alpine walking. Click here for more information. 

Lunch on Lake Zurich

There are many places to sit and enjoy delicious Swiss food. Find somewhere in the sun, and if it’s winter you can request a blanket and in some places a woollen underlay for your chair.

The highlights of Zurich for me, are the Swiss wines, the yummy food, the cleanliness, the friendly people and the well preserved buildings.

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