Five must-try restaurants globally

Restaurant eating can be an experience in itself.

Often I reflect fondly on town and place because of the restaurant experience.

Atmosphere, food, service and views are all aspects that go into making the restaurants below  some of my favs world wide.

These are a few of the restaurants that ignite my taste buds and sensations :

Larvotto Beach
La Rose Des Vents on Larvotto Beach, Monaco
  1. La Rose Des Vents, Monaco

The great appeal of this restaurant for me is the fact it is on a beach in Monaco. It is accommodating (I have turned up straight from the beach) and or as glitzy as you want.

Seafood at La Rose Des Vents Monaco
Seafood at La Rose Des Vents Monaco

The food is delicious and I only have seafood when I go there. Terrains, kebabs, fresh seafood. It is all devine and delish! Check it out here. 

2. Frogmore’s Creek, Tasmania, Australia

Chess piece ice cream from Frogmore’s Creek Restaurant

Set outside of Hobart in Tasmania on a vineyard is a wonderful restaurant called Frogmore’s. I have had the pleasure of eating there twice and each time has been mind blowing. This is a more extensive blog about it and their website here. Fly down to Hobart just for lunch!

3. Rae’s on Wategos, Byron Bay, Australia

Wategos Beach Break
Julian Rocks off Wategos

Overlooking arguably one of the best beaches in the world is Rae’s on Wategos.

It’s a perfect for a long lunch with a great conversationalist or friend. You will be served scrumptious delights, not overly large which is good, and fantastic wines.

4. The African Queen, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France

The African Queen
Desserts from The African Queen

The day we turned up here was a story in itself.  Winding down the steep curved road cut into the French coast line, overlooking the vast ocean and cote’d azure we stumbled across The African Queen.

Chilled Champagne, delicate cerviche and the most amazing desserts,  The African Queen could win alone on food. But it also has a magestic out look and relaxed atmosphere.

This definitely goes on one of my favorite restaurant’s list.


5. Chez Gado Gado, Bali, Indonesia

A simple, comfortable restaurant by the ocean in Seminyak. The food is great, abundant and refreshing breeze is worth traveling for.  I have had a few meals at Chez Gado Gado and all have been worthy. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night you should book in advance.

Let me know your favourite restaurants in the comments and I will try to visit them 🙂

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