Fishheads Byron Bay

Why Wategos, Byron and Fishheads are my happy place

A favourite of mine is Byron Bay, especially Wategos Beach around under the light house. It’s one of my “happy places” where time stands still, where dolphins break the water and the sun always beams (even on rainy days).

Tai Chi
Tai Chi Burleigh Heads

Today was a perfect start with a stretch (like a blue sea dragon searching for pearls) and a push towards the sky (like a crane stretching it’s neck) doing Tai Chi on Burleigh Hills.

It just is an incredible way to start the day and to feel like alive.  It’s so cool pretending to be a monkey or a crane… my imagination loves the play!

Tai Chi is better for me personally compared to yoga especially as it is outdoors.

My car seems to know it’s why to Byron which is handy and today I thought I would try Fishhead’s in town. I haven’t eaten there for ages but apparently everyone knows they don’t serve before noon because it goes from ghost town to busy town in minutes. At five minutes past noon the place is pumping.

I take my boyfriend’s mum there (she’s over from Wales) for the Seafood Platter.  No batter, no gluten ridden bread crumbs just pure unadulterated seafood – they way I like it and the way good seafood should be served – virgin.

Seafood platter at Byron Bay
Seafood platter

The oysters are meaty and salty. So fresh and yummy! But of course not everyone’s desire. The BBQ prawns even more flavour some and the calamari melts like butter. My sides were starting to bulge but I find some space for an alfogatto with Khaluha. Perfect meal.

Fish Heads byron

The ONLY way to cap off a day like this is a swim or surf at Wategos. I love the views, the waves, the vibe – it is my happy place. So off we went to lie with the myriad of other nationalities bathing in the winter’s sun, staring out to sea, talking of wild adventures and dreaming of fantasies.

Mt Warning
Mt Warning from Wategos


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