Restaurant Review – Faro at Mona

A new addition to Mona art gallery is the contemporary Australian restaurant called Faro.

Entry is via the museum but it is open out of hours and the entry is from the car park.

I really like the space and openness of the restaurant.

In the middle of the room is an art exhibit which is in keeping with the randomness of Mona. You can sit and have a funky cocktail or dine by the water.

On the first day I dine with my sister and we score the table overlooking the water. It is a gift.

The food is very good, a little pricey but it is 5 star dining. I have the seafood extravaganza  which is perfect for a snack for two.

The service is OK. It could be better with just a smile or two. For those of us mere mortals traveling through Mona this is a radical experience for us, help us enjoy it.

The second time I visit here is for an afternoon cocktail. They are delicious – very pricey ($20 and up) but extremely delicious. I would suggest ordering some nibbles, such as the olives, as the cocktails can go down too easily.

My over all rating is 4/5 and it only loses out because of the staff and pricing. Otherwise a world class venue.

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