Emirates Business Class

Having flown a lot overseas I am becoming selective with add ons and what I know contributes to a “great flight”.

For many years I traveled economy, then upgraded to “premium economy” but now only travel business for flights over 3 hours.

The reasons the highest being flight toll on the body. Having the ability to lie down and sleep on long hauls is a game changer. You wake up at your destination ready to go rather than needing 2-4 days to get over body aches and sleeplessness.

The priority boarding, the special attention, the travel amenities bag, the flat pack bed, the chauffeur on arrival, the bar in the middle of the sky, the pyjamas… you can see why I love travelling business.

I have flown first class as well but the difference isn’t necessarily that much of an upgrade so if you have the opportunity to go business leap at it.

The seats are large, fully recline (ie they turn into a full length single bed. You are given an underlay which ads to the comfort.

A warm blanket, slippers, soft eye mask and pyjamas on night time flights is also offered. The slippers, eye mask and pyjamas are yours to keep as a souvenir and will have lots of use back home.

The foods is great – and being a gluten free fan they serve a separate meal and can batter to all sorts of requirements (dairy free, halal, vegetarian etc). When you book your flight add your preferences then.

I particularly love the Airbus 330 (type of plane) as it has a bar at the back. I’ve had many midnight conversations with people and being international flights, you always learn something new about the world.

On the ground the lounges are a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport. Particularly in Dubai. If you have a longer lay over you can source these beds. Showers are available and Costas and various buffets. The wines are from around the world – but very often top class French wines.

Enjoy your travels and I look forward to having you on one of my retreats. Check out www.sambeaupatrick.com for upcoming retreats.

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