Covid-19 Day #58

Shit’s getting real.

Once again we wake to the dawn of a magnificent day…. but brewing in the back ground is the coronavirus tentacles.

Lots is happening and my mind isn’t resting.

I do a face book live. We go for a stand up paddle then get down to nitty gritty.

We see the writing on the wall and in down town Coolangatta I hear people venting fear. All the chit chat is about cover-19, what is the future of our economy of our country. And for us, what is the future of social spaces.

Then at 7.30pm the news comes from our prime minister Scott Morrison, that pubs, social clubs and restaurants are all closing from midday tomorrow.

Times are a changing.

I made a decision early today that I will lead people. I sound out my face book page about having a support group and resoundingly it’s a YES!

It will be called Covid-19 Community Support Group. It starts tomorrow .

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