Covid-19 Day #52

Monday 15th March 2020 

For the first time I use the words “ I am out of work”. It’s almost an oxymoron when you work for yourself because you leave “work” to work/generate income for yourself with added meaning, control and passion/fun. All of which I had experienced in the 19 years I have been in business. With a massive pinch of stress, personal growth and turmoil.

So to say “I’m roasted” was acknowledging a failure of sorts 

I’ve been waking each day remarkable robust and happy. Happy to wake each day beside Paul, checking on the kids and knowing, somehow in my heart of hearts life will be ok. 

HOWEVER something in me said look forward. Be that shining light. Do something positive. So I decided to write an eBook about everything I knew about Covid-19.

I thought it would take a day. It took 2 days but was up running on Amazon, my website and I did a face book live around it. I might not have the solution for COVID-19 but I felt at least I was contributing to the fight against it.


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