Coolangatta Gold

There’s a special clarity in the air at Coolangatta that sends me into holiday mode every time I hang out down there. And it is a hang-out. Coolangatta (Coolie) lines side by side by some of Australia’s most gorgeous beaches; Snapper, Greenmount, Kirra Beach.

The water is always blue-green and pristine.

Coolangatta magic waves
Beautiful wave on the beach at Coolangatta
by Sam Beau Patrick

Clear waters, safe beaches and golden sunsets.

My friend is staying in an apartment on the beach and I am pretending I am in the south of France – why not?

Today was typical Coolie stylin’.

Small little waves rocking into the beach.

The long beach had just the right mix of children playing, random people sun baking and people lapping up the water. NOT Bondi-stylin’ nor Surfers styling”…. just Coolie-Style. Even a man with a metal detector wanders around!

Coolangatta gold
Coolangatta Gold
blue skies by Sam Beau Patrick

IMG_3076 IMG_3083

Did I mention the azure blue waters.. Hypnotic, delicious just like a blue parfait.

This is a picture of the water… Yes I ramble but the bubbles in the water jingles down here, like fine crystal.

Off to George’s Paragon for lunch. Long standing restaurants generally get things ok. This time started off rusty but came good. Not great but good.

Seafood restaurant and I order steak?! Hey I was craving meat. It was good. The garlic prawns on top just enough. 5/10..

The raw caramel slice on the way home was perfect and the Geisens topped off a perfect afternoon.

When ever I am here I feel away.

Long walks, dopey walks, golden sunsets.

Coolangatta ┬áis GOLD. Cheesey but I think it puts the ” Gold” in Gold Coast.

Coolangatta Gold
Coolangatta beach is GOLD. Nature and Bubbles

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