Checking the Night Life Hobart

I know from growing up in Hobart that the night scene is excellent.

Live bands, old fashioned pubs and clubs are in abundance.

Many pubs while looking a bit “uneventful” on the outside will be pumping on the inside. Let your teenage inquisitive self take control and explore.

These are a couple to try out… no doubt there are more that I haven’t been to in awhile.


Cargo has be the local go to for a beer or boogey for a few years now. I have had many a late night here with great music, vibes and drinks.

Jack Greene

Next door to Cargo is Jack Greene an awesome bar done up how I would design my underground, bar at home! We went on Friday night and caught the tail end of a duet playing excellent 80s tracks that had people dancing and swaying.

The bar also offers great Tassie gins! Ask the staff for their recommendation and don’t stop at one… (NB The Usual clause of drink responsibly etc)

Wine and Grape

We headed here on Friday night and it is a younger scene but great fun and excellent for a dance. It goes late… Grape Bar is open until 2am Friday and Saturday nights and a fun place for a dance. 

Republic Bar in North Hobart is well known for housing live bands. It has a large out door area with a big smokers area if you need. And inside a large dance space to let your inner teenager express itself on the dance floor.

Heading towards the other side of the wharf are a few quintessential bars and great meets and drinks places.

Custom’s House

Built in … and restored a few moons ago, Customs is a wonderful pub where you can sit inside or outside under heat lamps. You can watch life go past with a locally brewed beer or delicious pinot noir. This is the go-to pub when the Sydney to Hobart is on. The food is also excellent. It is situated at the docks and the views of the Derwent River are great. 

The Telegraph Hotel

This used to be the place to go to on a Friday night. Telegraph still is worth of including in a pub crawl around the water front. 

The Lower House

This hidden bar is a newish addition to the Tassie pub scene being around for maybe 10 years. The Lower House is worth a sneaky peak on a Friday. Also a younger scene. It is the next block up from Custom’s House. 

Wine Bars

The Henry James in the old Jam Factory offers incredible Tassie wines and a wonderful ambience.

Tavern 42 degrees – great atmosphere and upstairs turns into a night club friday and Saturday.

My favourite tucked away wine bar is Drink Co.

You will find James and his boutique bar under Salamanca Galleria, in the walk way beside Retro Cafe, Salamanca. A definite must if you like wines. Oh and gins!

All in all, Hobart has some of the best wine bars in Australia, and a healthy, active night scene that has never wavered. The locals are friendly and there are plenty of live bands on around town. Venture out, even if the night is cold, and you will find your mood catered for!

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