Cagar Budaya Gianyar, Bali

This amazing temple is about thirty minutes drive from Ubud.

I didn’t know this temple existed until my latest visit to Bali (my 12th time in the last 3 years)!

It is so worth the visit.

The mere fact that the caved sanctuary was built  over 1000 years old makes this place a spiritual mecca.

Originally serving as a meditation school, the temple has recently been used for offerings from local farmers.

The incredible arches, reaching up to the sky give the place a surreal and natural ampitheatre.

The sound in the kings meditation dome is amazing. It is over the river and up behind the large wall alcoves.

There is no rush to pass through this temple and once you pass through the eager shop assistants you will be able to move through at your own pace.

I did some meditation in one of the alcoves and really relaxed in the beautiful grounds.

I can highly recommend this place. Oh – it does have a few steps (300+ apparently). Not a drama for most but definitely an issue if you don’t like steps.

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