Bread and Butter, Milford NZ

Bread and Butter Milford is a great little breaky place.

Downtown Takapuna isn’t worth raving about but step back a few beachs/bends and blocks and find Bread n Butter. In a strip more called Milford, you will find a bevy of Brunch options! 

We are here on a Sunday and have no where to be, or no where to go to. Which is very opportunistic as finding a park take a few minutes (or hours) and then deciding on your “place” takes a bit more. 

We settle on Bread n Butter. A funky, nouveau place serving gluten free, dairy free and wine for breakfast. Giddy up! My sort of breakfast lounge! 

The menu does fit most tastes and needs but isn’t over whelming. In fact I applaud the menu. It is truly hard to be “trendy” and “dietary needs aware” and not be over the top. 

Bread n Butter seem to have it nailed!

If you are not GF, DF or vegan, fill your boots, they really do have some heart stopping food. Alas I am DF and GF and settle on the Avocado Rocket Salad. 

If you ask me… a perfect start for a Sunday  

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