The blind orphanage Kathmandu

Today was a very moving  day visiting a blind orphanage outside of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Blind orphanage
Little blind boy reading braille in English in Nepal.

I am in Nepal for a couple of weeks to help out after the earthquake in 2015 and to help out in general.

I was over in 2013 and became involved with a not for profit charity that assisted women and children in Nepal. We visited the Buddha Orphanage back then (I have been to a few) and it was brilliant. Clean and happy. The kids the same.

The blind orphanage was similar and it seems odd to say a visit to an orphanage was fun, but it was.

The great adventure started on the drive. The road was barely non-existent after the earthquake and the taxi had to navigate regular pot holes and rubble and dirt.

ON the way we bought some supplies for the children (who are totally reliant on donations). Rice, soap, butter, biscuits etc. We packed the taxi-bus up to the top.

Once into the outskirts of Kathmandu the country side changed. Not so noisy, not so cluttered and fields of vegetables around.

blind orphanage
Buying supplies for the orphanage








The orphanage was started in 1996 and now has 11 children. The  numbers can fluctuate but is steady between 12-16.

As each child stands up and introduces themselves, I discover some were born blind and others became blind. One after an infections, one after an operation and another with no reason why.

I sit there thanking my lucky stars my eyes are still razor sharp and working well.


The children are amazing.

One boy read braille for us – which was in English – which was a huge feat. Not many children in Nepal speak English (unlike other countries).

One beautiful girl danced. It was intriguing to watch as she simply felt the music and moved accordingly. It was graceful and harmonious!

I am looking forward to going back.

2 thoughts on “The blind orphanage Kathmandu

  1. Hi Sam,
    It’s a pleasure bumping into your site and your sharing is impressive! Thank you.
    I’m particularly drawn to your note on visiting The blind orphanage Kathmandu, as I am looking out for such information. I’m working with a philanthropy stationed in Hong Kong. Through a friend we knew of a bunch of blind children in Kathmandu awaiting re-housing; and we would like to find a reliable local NGO who can accommodate these kids. So I’d appreciate it very much if you could let me know the name and address, and of course web site and contacts of this orphanage that you shared, so that we can work from there. Thank you in advance!


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