The Beach Club Monaco

When you mention Monte Carlo and Monaco to people, images of flashy designs, rich and famous and fast cars come to mind. But for me it is different. Of course those elements are there but for me, Monte Carlo (the main part of the province on Monaco) is a gate way to the Cote D’azure and many fun night clubs!

This is my forth visit to town and each visit it feels like home as the surrounds become more familiar. I find the locals very friendly and very accommodating for my high school French.

I have never had a problem with people being rude or not trying to understand me. Quite the opposite, many go out of their way and are almost flirty in nature… 

I am in town for the boat show and to network for my art works.

A friend is staying at the Monaco Beach Club and suggests “hanging by the pool” which in my sleep deprived, slightly hung over state sounds heavenly.

My first experience with the hotel is overwhelming. They treat me like a princes and attend to all my needs. The breakfast buffet is simple and adequate and can be consumed overlooking the water.

After breakfast we decide to relax on the terrace (verandah) and watch life go by. Which in this case is watching super yachts bob around on the horizon as helicopters come and go, bringing in guests and supplies.

A few swimmers come to the waters edge and swim out, laughing and giggling and enjoying the serene waters.

I muster a few water colours and the sun beams down on the alcove we find ourselves in.

Beside the hotel is a bluff that is rarely used. I go exploring.

Offering some of the best views of Monte Carlo I find the bluff a childhood delight. I scale up and down it’s little walk ways and lose myself in time day dreaming about making this location home.

All in all the Beach Club Monaco is a world class hotel, offering world class views, with easy access to the beach or the 50 meter pool. The rooms are stunning and clean, the staff exemplorary and the interiors very Monte Carlo and chic. I highly recommend staying here if you can afford it .

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