Bamboo Charcoal Burgers!

There are so many awesome eateries in Canggu, Bali so that eating burgers hasn’t really been high on my agenda.

However … this time round I decide to check out two burger places; Warung Cucu and Burgerz across the road. Both are located not far up the road (Jalan Batu Bolong) from Old Man’s pub.

The charcoal buns look a bit weird and at first I thought it was a marketing ploy… make the buns dark and say they are charcoal. However the buns are really infused with bamboo charcoal.

Apparently an idea from Japan.

They cook them on the spot on a BBQ and you can eat beside the pop-up looking bar area.

Unfortunately I didn’t realise the buns also had gluten (something I try to avoid) and the meat was sausage meet with plastic cheese.

I am sure burger eaters would love the buns. A little crunchy but apparently the charcoal is a great anti-oxidant and good to detox your bowel! I think I will give them 4/10 but that is mainly because I don’t eat burgers and there are plenty of healthier options available in Canggu.

Across the road is a top notch burger joint called Burgerz. 

It has the best burger I have eaten in a long time…and definitely worth me breaking my gluten free stance. The meat was great, the bun fresh and grilled and the inner bits just melted in my mouth. It had been so long since I had eaten a burger so I was pretty wrapped it was worth it.

There is a plethora of sides, and of course you can grab a bintang to wash it all down with.

The hours are pretty good too and perfect for after a session dancing to live music down at Old Mans!

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