Alpha Street Kitchen and Bar

Hading down to Rotorua can be a slightly long drive. The looping gentle knolls are truly stunning and there are a few river crossings and lovely sites but I would recommend a stopover in Cambridge.

A little town south of Hamilton with a BIG pride and the home of an absolute find of a restaurant, Alpha 1.

We swung into town not expecting much but eager to find a place for lunch.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a statute older style looking pub. Pub grub crossed my mind and certainly would have filled the bill.

We decided to venture into town a little more. A very clean and colourful town.

A vineyard nearby and of course Alpha 1.

Somehow the parking angels parked us directly infront of this gem.

Walking in we are greeted by the French Maitre D.

A warm fire size welcomes us and a very understated menu. Not overly inspired by the menu. The Maitre d’ fills us on in the oyster special. Well you could have blown us over with a feather.

The oyster dish was a signature dish to celebrate Mauri Week.

We asked him to run over some of the other dishes and by the end of two we are salivating.

We order the oysters, the pulled pork belly and fish and chips.

The parred wines are also winners – esp the Malabec.

The menu is here.

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