Things I love

A little sneak peak behind the scenes about things I love.

Each blog is a cherished insight to the things I love on this magnificent planet.

From the inside looking out I see incredible spectrums of colours and shadows. I see contrasts, synergies, patterns and sequences.

Colour hits me sometimes – not just between the eyes but all over my body- and I have a massive desire to share it with the world. Hence this blog.

Mostly I feel immense gratitude –  and want to capture this. Gratitude is a feeling I really like.

There are loads of other feelings . I adore happiness, fun, exhilaration, intrigue, excitement, adventure and no doubt these feelings will peak through the words on the lines and blogs.

I find the more I fill my life with the things I love, the more I love life and it loves me!

Bizarre how simple this little happiness recipe is.

It’s like searching for the holy grail most your life only to discover you were sleeping on it the whole time.

Happiness is about simplicity, pausing and adoring.

So there are many things I love and these are but a small few…

The things I love

My children, health, my amazing friends, adventure, being in nature, bush walking, exploring off the beaten track, boats and the sea, surfing, swimming, art and art galleries, music and music festivals, animals, our incredible planet and geology, live bands, dancing and partying, discovering and learning, making money, saving money, giving to others, meeting people, traveling.

Now doubt all of these loves will shine through.

I have a fortunate life that I adore and cherish and am happy to share with you, if only to inspire you to get out and about and love life too.

three of my great loves - my babies
three of my great loves – my babies

The world to me is all about nature and bubbles.

A happy place that one can play in.