I travel the world, immersing myself in new experiences, art, music, food, wine and people.

Along the way I have marvelled at cultural differences and beliefs, different diets and farming principles, different architecture, approaches and spin on the same thing!

This is an eclectic mix of what I see, hear, feel, experience and love.

If you see yourself in a photo please take it as a compliment. I trust you will find the mood of what I am trying to portray in the imagery of the photo. I am happy to provide the original to you so just send me an email.

Follow my fun and adventurous travels and leave comments. I trust you will feel inspired like I do.

I offer retreats throughout the year. You will find these in the side panel.

Enjoy, Sammy x

Good Ole Fashion English Food and Road Side Blackberries

Well I can’t say I have ever rated the Brits as foodies. In fact I had resigned them to “amateur cooks” in my head until I ventured to the Cotswolds. …

Germany in the Gold Coast Hinterland

Some people find it strange that nestled in the Hinterlands behind the sub-tropical town of the Gold Coast is a little bit of Europe. Bavarian style, come Swiss influence, the popular tourist…

Point Danger Cafe D’Bar

One of my favourite local day-get-aways is a visit to Point Danger and Coolangatta south of the Gold Coast. I always feel on holiday when I am in the neighbourhood…


Kingscliffe, Mexicans and French winnings

Our Sunday finds us pottering along the Northern Rivers seaside towns of Fingal and Kingscliffe where we stumble across Baja, celebrating the famous Mexican day Cinco De Maya. The day…

My interview by World Chef Samantha Gowing

Samantha is a Byron Bay Foodie and chef and today she is interviewing me. We connected a few years back at lifestyle and health resort Gwinganna where we both have…

Tassie Bush, Old Mates and Fresh Air at Coopers Hill

For a few years now, my dear friends Rachel and Pete have been creating a living art space in the Tassie wilderness (secret address) which they have affectionately called Coopers…

Frogmore's winery

Heston who? Frogmore Creek surpasses all!

The Tassie black pepper is still exploding on my tongue as I pass through the “hugs now” security check at the Hobart Airport. But nothing, can compare with the magic afternoon…