I travel the world, eating incredible food and seeing amazing images that I would love to share.
For years I have been an avid fan of meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and tasting new foods.

Along the way I have marveled at cultural differences and beliefs, different diets and farming principles, different architecture, approaches and spin on the same thing!

This is an eclectic mix of what I see, hear, feel, experience and love.

If you see yourself in a photo please take it as a compliment. I trust you will find the mood of what I am trying to portray in the imagery of the photo. I am happy to provide the original to you so just send me an email.

Follow my fun and adventurous travels and leave comments. I trust you will feel inspired like I do.

Minyon Falls, Mullum and dragon lizards

Well some days nature just calls and today was one of those days. A few clients shuffled around their appointments this morning and (like a silent but LOUD alarm)  I knew…

Canyoning in the hinterland

It’s late winter and we are after a new challenge. My friend, a professional abseilor suggests some canyoning. Perfect I say! We struggle to find places to freelance abseil but…

The Gold Coast is bursting with things to do

 ” The Gold Coast is bursting with things to do…”  I read on my GC website. Unfortunately I didn’t find the “things to do” and bursting with boredom I have…

Helicopter Fulkharka

Behind Everest, the real Nepal in recovery

Five days beforehand I was lying in my beautiful comfortable warm bed on the Gold Coast with Nepal a distant dream and another world away. I had traveled here before but…


Pokhara – Nature and Adventure

It had been 3 nights in the himalayan hills and I was covered with dirt. BIG amounts of dirt. NO shower for 3 days, working with soil and concrete,  sleeping…

earthquake nepal

Devastation after the earthquake in Nepal

My first trip to Nepal was in 2013 and it is the first time coming back since the earthquake. Visible, painful devastation everywhere. And then to get a deeper understanding,…


One Night in Bangkok

On the way to Nepal I have a stop over in Bangkok. I have been traveling here since 1994 and over that time Thailand and Thais have morphed remarkably. Fortunately…

P & O Cruising – do we mention the food?

Timidly I set off on my first P & O Cruise with my two youngest kids. I had been on a cruise in the Mediterranean years ago but that was…

Budda orphanage

If you had $75,000,000 what would you do?

Would it involve charity and volunteering? What a great question my friend and client asked me three days ago. What’s your passion? With out pausing, I recited my dream as a…