For years, like many women, I have grappled with the voices in my head: “I’m not good enough” , “I’m not smart enough” and “I’m not pretty enough”. Oh and the big one “I am illiterate”something my father told me less than ten years ago.

All of these beliefs have made me a very driven woman proving to the world (and me) that I am OK and while not the most eloquent of writers can string enough words together to capture a moment.

In the process, I  have managed to author and publish seven books, go to uni and complete a couple of degrees, raise three children and a few other things.

What I discovered however, was that certificates, degrees and external rewards didn’t make me feel as happy as the actual journey to get there, and the feeling of being happy on the inside (regardless of what was happening in the bigger world).

I now get it!

It is about the journey and not the destination.

It’s about knowing that what ever journey you find yourself on, it’s the right one.

I have stopped chasing certificates and acknowledgement. Now I chase waterfalls.

Internal waterfalls that make me feel happy!

Along the way,  I worked out that happiness lies in the moments of life.

I love observing the subtle shifts in life; the moments when a grimace becomes a smile and when a smile becomes a laugh.

To me, the moments of catching people draw in their breathe, twinkle their eyes and smile is joy.

I recognise these moments in myself and now try to capture them in others and the world.

People refer to me as a foodie, a nutritionist blogger, The Health Queen was a label I had while speaking for a few years!  I, am however, one sole person with one massive heart. And believe we are here for a good time not a long one!

cropped-sam-4.jpgFor “work” I travel the world, painting, eating incredible food, getting up to crazy adventures, meeting wonderful people and capturing it as best I can.

I love participating in this gorgeous planet of change, full of ideas and blessed with nature.

The photos are all mine and the food is always a big highlight as the nutritionist in me loves to be nourished with soul food.


This blog is about random moments in my very special life.

My happy place lies in nature and bubbles. And this is my journey.

I would love you to follow my blog and travels by joining my newsletter. If you see something you want to revisit later or share, you can use the buttons at the bottom of each blog and definitely visit some of the fine places I get to visit. I hope your experiences are just as rewarding.



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  1. I found a link to your blog through BE&BH- absolutely love the layout and what your blog is all about! Sounds like your embarking on such a beautiful journey, looking forward to following your posts. xx

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