18 Degrees Broome

I was expecting some indigenous food fan fare when I landed in Broome and was tipped that 18 Degrees was the place.

It was one of those days when it got hotter as the day went on.

You know hot during the day (but a slight breeze) to sweltering at night, no breeze and suffocating heat.

That was this night….

Probably coupled with the fact we had been floundering in the pool (which temperatures alone) would have topped any UK summer’s day. We headed off to 18 Degrees.

Seated at our table (simple decor) by a beautifully friendly girl on the deck and off we go.

Apparently their cocktail has won an award… it is a fusion of mango nectar, chilli, soda and gin. Their cocktails turn out to be the highlight….

It was sublime hot yet cold. Nearly as good as my chilli margaritas from La Calitas in Canguu.

This is what we ordered:

Scallops and Octopus

Calamari and octopus tenticls and kale… sounds great but was over cooked and salty. Which sucks because I love all of those ingredients.

Shrimp Cakes

It sounded fantastic on the plate but they were missing all the subtle flavours one would expect in a delicate dish….

Wild Caught barramundi

This dish should have been succulent, melt in mouth and subtle flavours. Instead it was dry, and flavourless. What a waste of a wild, beautiful fish!

All in all, a little disappointing.

If I was asked to rate them, I would give them, based on last night’s meal:

Service:  7.6/10

Cocktails: 9/10

Food: 2/10

So my lesson is… regardless of how exotic, how magic and seductive the herbs and spices and unusual the ingredients, it comes down to the artisian flare … the chefs intent… and commitment to use the food to enhance and bring to life a food experience.

Unfortunately on this night these guys failed to deliver.

Overall a rating 5/10.

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